What to check when buying a used laptop in Nigeria


Are you planning on buying a used laptop in Nigeria be it London or Nigeria Used Laptop?

If yes, below I have written the essential things you must check or do on the laptop before making the purchase.

Many times people make the mistake of purchasing an overused laptop or problematic laptop when buying a used laptop. At the end of the day, they end up regretting buying it.

The truth is that if you actually bring out time and check the system properly using the method I listed in this post, it will help you to avoid buying a problematic used laptop.

Please note: when buying a used computer such as a laptop, buy it from a shop, don’t buy it online or from an individual. Also, collect the receipt after purchase and take your time to check the system before payment.

Before we go further I will like to ask a vital question.

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What is your aim or purpose for buying the laptop?

Your goal of buying a laptop is important because it determines the type of laptop you should go for.

Before buying a laptop be it used or new, you must know what you want to use it for, the purpose will decide the kind of system, brand, configurations, and of course the cost of the laptop.

The reason for MR A purchasing a laptop is different from the reason for MR B. Therefore, their laptop specifications are going to be different so as their cost.

For example, if MR A is planning of using the laptop for gaming, engineering drawing, architectural design, programming, etc. he may likely go for a laptop that has these types of configurations: RAM of 8GB above, processor (anything from corei5 above), High-Quality graphics cards, the hard drive should be between 500 to 1terabite.

If MR B were to be a student and want to get a laptop purposely for writing a project or a worker purposely for official use and typing purposes.

He may not properly need a laptop of high capacity. A laptop of this type of configuration may be okay for him: 4GB of RAM, Processor: Intel Pentium or corei3, and hard drive of 160 to 250GB.

So in general, your aim of buying a laptop is the key important factor when considering buying a used laptop.

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What to look out for when purchasing a used laptop

 After ascertaining the purpose, the cost, and making up your mind to purchase a used laptop. The next thing is the payment, but before you make the payment, make sure you check the laptop properly using the guide I listed here, to be certain you are not buying a problematic laptop, so as to avoid regret after purchase.

Alternatively, go with someone that knows well about a laptop and system to help you chose a good one.

Note: when going to buy the laptop, don’t be in a hurry, I will suggest you take out the whole day. Because this will also help you to avoid buying the wrong system.

Many people have made the mistake of buying a problematic laptop because they were in a haste to take the action.

Having said that, below are what to check when buying a used laptop in Nigeria.

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  1. Check the laptop configurations or properties

The first thing to do is to power on the laptop and check the properties. So as to be sure that the system has the recommended configuration or capacity to handle what you intend to use it for.

If after that, you don’t like the properties of the system. There is no need of going ahead to check further. You may simply request to see another system that has the capacity to do what you intend for.

When you have gotten the desired system specification of what you want. Then you can proceed to check other things mentioned here.

how to check the system configurations or properties

  • To check the configurations of the system you are about to purchase, Press “Window key + E”, then on the left side of the screen that displays double click on “this PC”. This will take you to a screen where you should see the (C:) drive and the recovery (D:) drive. Thereafter, “right-click” anywhere on it and click “properties”. By now you should see a screen similar to the image below. how to check laptop properties
  • To check for the hard drive capacity: right-click on the “(C:) drive” and click on “properties” this will show you the capacity of the hard drive that is currently running on the system.
  1. Check to see if the screw has been loosed before

If you are buying a Nigeria or London used laptop is important you check the screw at the back and the one holding the screen. If you notice that the system has been loosed before, this should tell you that the laptop has been worked on.

As such, this should trigger you to be more conscious and ask questions about what was done on it. Whatever the explanation or reasons the seller gives, you should check to see if the problem was actually resolved.

  1. Check the charging port and other ports

Another important thing to check is the charging port. Ask the seller to give you the charger and plug the system by yourself. After you must have plugged it, monitor the charging port and the battery notification.

If you notice that is not displaying a charging notification, is a signal that the port is bad.

Make sure that the charging port is not shaking by disconnecting and connecting also take your time and monitor the battery increase.

At the same time check other ports such as the network port, HDMI port, the headphone port, the SD card port, and the USB port.

Please note: when checking the USB port make sure that the drive is installed and drive. The same with other drivers such as WIFI and Bluetooth. If they are not drive tell the seller to drive it for you.

If you notice that the charging port and other ports are not functioning 100% please don’t buy the system. Because anything about port has to do with the motherboard.

  1. Check the battery capacity and duration

Buying a laptop that the battery is faulty is as good as buying a desktop. Although the faulty battery can easily be replaced.

But then, since you are just about to buy the laptop. Why will you buy a system with a faulty battery?

So in other to check the battery condition follow these 2 things:

  • Check the battery status: create a battery report in Windows by following this guide: go to the search box and type “cmd” thereafter select “command prompt” right-click on it and “run as administrator”. You will see a dialog box pop up asking “do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device” click “YES” Thereafter, Type in: powercfg /batteryreportand hit “enter key” you will see this text “(report saved at C:\Windows\system32\battery-report.html)” follow the part and go to your (c:) drive and open the Battery report HTML file to view it.
  • Check for battery Life estimate: after you have open the battery report in the HTML file, navigate down to a section named “Battery life estimate”, at the end of it you should see how long it takes for the battery to die. how to check battery statues of your laptopMeanwhile, take your time and check the charging percentage and make sure the battery is charged to 100%. If you notice that the battery is faulty renegotiate with the seller to reduce the price because you will need to get another battery for the system,
  1. Check the Keyboard and the mouse touchpad

Another important thing to check before purchasing a laptop is the keyboard and the mouse. Just like the battery, the keyboard can also be replaced. At the same time, the mouse touchpad can be replaced too with a wired or wireless mouse.

But then again, why will you buy a system that is faulty?

To check the keyboard status, open a notepad or WordPad, and press every single key on the keyboard if you notice that some letters are not typing or some keys are typing repeatedly. It shows that the keyboard is bad.

To check for the mouse touchpad, when the system has come up or loaded to the window. Try using the mouse touchpad to navigate through, also check both the right and the left Buttons to establish they are working correctly.

Please note: if you notice any fault on the mouse touchpad, alert the seller and don’t go for the system because it has to do with the motherboard.

  1. Check the health of the Hard drive and the RAM

The hard drive and the RAM (Random Access Memory) are among the important things in a laptop that people will always look out for. The size and functionality of them will determine the fastness and the easy usability of the system.

So to check the health of the Hard drive, take your time and restart the system couple of times and monitor how long it takes to load the operating system back to the screen.

If you notice any none bootable device issue or if it takes time to come up, then is likely the hard drive is faulty or malfunctioning.

To check for the RAM, monitor the laptop when you turn it on. If you hear some strange “beeping sound” coming out of the system, is a sign that the RAM may have been shifted or faulty.

  1. Check the laptop screen and the hinges

Many times people have bought a used laptop after some few days or months the screen develops a fault. Thereby making the buyer unhappy. The most annoying part of it is that laptop screens are expensive.

So in other not to buy a faulty screen, make sure you took your time and look at the screen when the system is coming up. If you notice any stain or the screen shaking, that is, blinking then the screen is bad.

Also, while the laptop is on, turn it left and right thereafter close it and open it again, if you notice that the hinges are bad or any reddish light coming out of the screen, then tell the seller to change the screen otherwise don’t buy.

Check the screen touch: if the laptop is a touch screen please try to use the screen to type, draw, or navigate to many places on the laptop. In other to ascertain the condition of the screen too.

  1. Check the CD ROM and the sound of the laptop

Someone may say, what is the need of checking the CD ROM is it important? But then why would you want to buy a laptop that the CD ROM is bad?

To check the CD ROM and the sound, insert a DVD or CD inside the laptop and monitor the sound of the movie or the song.

If you notice that the CD ROM takes a longer time to start playing. Also, if you notice any noise or it doesn’t recognize the CD ROM then, the CD ROM may be bad.

At the same time, if you notice that the sound coming out, sounds as if it is cracking. Then, the system sound has been broken.

Please note: test the sound using both the headphone and normal system sound.

  1. Check for scratches and hotness of the Laptop

Even though you are not buying a new laptop, it is good to buy a laptop that is neat in the eye. So as to have a good feel of buying a new thing. I will also say that any good laptop that is neat is likely going to be a little bit higher in price.

Having said that, also, if you see a good laptop but the body is NOT neat, that is not a big deal. You can go for the option of painting the casing or covering the casing with a sticker.

The hotness of the Laptop: Most of the old type of laptops generate a lot of heat which make them to be too hot. The hotness of a laptop is caused by a processor that is why every system has a cooling fan under the processor.

So if you happen to find out that the system is too hot, it means only one thing, which is, that the cooling fan is faulty or there is no cooling fan at all.

In this case, you can tell the seller to check it and fix it for you before payment.

  1. Conclusion

When buying a used system it requires you to be patient and take your time to check all these essential things (the system properties, the health of the hard drive and RAM, the battery status, the ports, the screen, the keyboard, etc) as I have listed here.

Although is time-consuming then it is worth it is better to know their statutes than to regret after purchase.

More things to check when buying a used laptop

The video itemized other important things to do when buying a used laptop


What to consider when buying a laptop

If you are planning of buying a laptop either a used or a new one, there are important things to put into considerations before purchase.

It has to do with the overall functionality of the system. So if you want to enjoy the system to whatever you intend to use it for. Please look out for these things.

The Hard drive or SSD sizeYou should consider going for a hard drive size of 250GB, 350GB, 500GB, or 1terabite depending on the nature of the things you proposed to do with it.
RAM SizeWe recommend a ram size of 4GB, for a typing job. And 8GB above for graphics, design, and programming.
Processor type sizeWe recommend cori3 for office and typing jobs. But for graphics, design, and programming, go for anything from cori5 above.
The graphics cardIf you are using the laptop for designing, programming, gaming, please go for a graphics card of 2GB above.

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Security Tips to follow after buying a used Laptop



Frequently asked questions on a laptop 

I’m looking forward to buying a laptop for programming and gaming (Just for FIFA and PES). What type should I go for?

You will need a computer with a dedicated graphics card. These configurations should be perfect for it.

  • Processor: intel corei7-6700hq 2.60ghz,
  • Ram: 12gb ram.
  • Hard disk: 1 terabyte.
  • Graphic card: 4gb nvidia geforce gtx 950m

Can i get an 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, and Corei5 between ₦130,000 to ₦140,000?

Yes, you may get it, but it might not be neat. But take your time and check it in case if there is something else wrong with the system.

Do you have any Hp envy 17 notebook pc or something with these configurations?

  • Processor: intel corei7-6700hq 2.60ghz,
  • Ram: 12gb ram.
  • Hard disk: 1 terabyte.
  • Graphics card: 4GB Nvidia GeForce gtx 950m

Yes, we have, the price is ₦315,000.

Is it safe to buy a used laptop?

Yes, it is safe to buy a London-used laptop from a reliable source like “Best Info Tech Services”.

I loaded the window on my laptop and I can’t find Bluetooth again, what should I do please?

You should be able to install drivers from the manufactures website and be good to go again but your windows 8 UEFI Code (product key) will activate Windows 10 so you can download the Windows 10 installer from Microsoft and install that, I would prefer you load windows 10 as its far better than 8. Thereafter, update your drivers

How much is motherboard repair?

Never repair a motherboard. It might work for a few weeks to a few months but will fail.

Replace the motherboard if it got damaged

I forgot my password on my computer and I’m using Windows 7, please what should I do?

All you need is just to reinstall windows on your laptop. That is all.

Is a pc processor buyable?

Yes, but they are expensive most of the time.

How can I make my intel corei3 3rd generation laptop run faster?

Upgrade Ram to 8 or even 16gbs if it can handle it. Exchange the HDD for an SSD and you will see a performance increase.

I hope you find this article useful, if you have any questions, contributions, requests, addition, or corrections please feel free to drop your comment on the comment box below.

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