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Looking to buy a London used laptop? We have these amazing offers just for you.

London used HP laptop for sale with intel pentum
Hp Intel pentium, 5000gb of hard drive, 4gb of ram, Webcam, wireless, Bluetooth, DVD writer
Hp Intel corei5, 5000gb of hard drive, 4gb of ram, Webcam, wireless, Bluetooth, DVD writer
low cost used laptop for sale
Hp Intel, 250gb of hard drive, 3gb of ram, Webcam, wireless, Bluetooth, DVD writer
Hp 630 Intel pentium
Hp 630 Intel pentium, 320gb of hard drive, 4gb of ram, Webcam, wireless, Bluetooth, DVD writer
Hp Intel laptop
Name: Hp Intel. Processor: corei5 Hard Drive: 128ssd Ram: 8gb, Other things: touch screen, Convertible
Dell g5-5587 laptop
Name: Dell g5-5587 intel ®core(tm)i7-8750h cpu @ 2.20ghz / 2.21ghz processor 8th generations processor Hard Drive: 1 terabytes, 128gb ssd 16gb of Ram Other things: 6gb nvidia geforce gtx 1060, webcam, Bluetooth , 15.6 inches screen size, wireless keyboard light, 90% neat
Name: Dell latitude E7270. Processor: Intel corei5. Hard drive: 500gb. Ram: 4gb. Other things: touch screen, Webcam, wireless, Bluetooth.
Hp pavillion gaming 15-dkoxxx laptop
Name: Hp pavillion gaming 15-dkoxxx Processor: intel ®core(tm)i5-9300h cpu 2.40ghz / 2.40ghz 9th generations. Hard Drive: 256gb ssd. Ram: 8gb. Other things: 3gb nvidia geforce gtx 1050. New one but open box 📦 . Keyboard: green light. Screen size: 15 inches.
Hp folio, intel corei5 Laptop
Hp folio, intel corei5, 500gb of hard drive, 4gb of ram
buy Hp envy 17 notebook pc Laptop
Name: Hp envy 17 notebook pc. Processor: intel corei7-6700hq 2.60ghz, Ram: 12gb ram. Hard disk: 1 terabytes. Graphic card: 4gb nvidia geforce gtx 950m Condition: 95% neat Screen size: 17 inches. Other things: webcam, bluetooth, wireless dvd rom , etc

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Questions you may need to answer before purchasing a laptop

Are you planning of buying a  Laptop? Have you decided what type of laptop you want to go for? Do you have a budget you don’t want to exceed? Are you looking forth to buying a new or used laptop?

Whatever your answers for the above questions are, don’t make that payment yet until you have read this post to the end.

What should I look-out for when buying a laptop?

For an in-depth knowledge of what to look out for on a laptop before purchase, kindly read this blog post “What to check when buying a used laptop in Nigeria”  we have literally explained in details what you should look out for when buying a laptop.

A laptop might be fine for web browsing, Microsoft office & Netflix, but it may be slow and unreliable for anything more challenging than that.

That’s especially true of Chromebooks, which pair low specs with a simple OS for wallet-friendly prices but a slightly more limited feature set.

Higher-ticket items like HP’s Ultrabooks may be expensive, but you might be able to save hundreds on the RRP.

Alternatively, contact our system engineer on the right system to go for.

Check out this post: “best place to buy a used laptop in Nigeria”.

The key Primary things to put into consideration when buying a new or used laptop

If you are planning of buying a laptop either a used or a new one, there are important things to put into considerations before purchase.

It has to do with the overall functionality of the system. So if you want to enjoy the system to whatever you intend to use it for. Please look out for these things.

The Hard drive or SSD sizeYou should consider going for a hard drive size of 250GB, 350GB, 500GB, or 1terabite depending on the nature of the things you proposed to do with it.
RAM SizeWe recommend a ram size of 4GB, for a typing job. And 8GB above for graphics, design, and programming.
Processor type sizeWe recommend cori3 for office and typing jobs. But for graphics, design, and programming, go for anything from cori5 above.
The graphics cardIf you are using the laptop for designing, programming, gaming, please go for a graphics card of 2GB above.

London Used Laptops for sale in Ikeja Lagos

Don’t pay a full price for a new laptop yet without comparing the price differences with the London used one. Save yourself some money!!!

Get London Used Laptops at an affordable price

We have laptops that are sound and are in excellent condition that will definitely meet your specification. We’re talking about some of the latest models such as Dell, Acer, HP. Compaq and more.

If you’re specifically looking for a cheap laptop deal, connect with us for a guide.

We have a great range of London used laptops for sale across Windows Laptops, Apple, Macbooks, dell, Surface Tablets & More.

We have constant sales on discount prices in other to let our valued customers buy some of the best-used laptops at low prices.

We have earned a reputation for excellence by receiving regular referrals from satisfied customers and now we have clients all over Lagos State, also extending to other states.

If you are a student you may want to buy cheap laptops that are best for studying.

If you are a Programmer, web designer, engineer, or architect you may need a special laptop that will perfectly carry your desired software for your design.

Please note: you might see price reductions on laptops but bear in mind that laptops vary. You shouldn’t compare laptops equally, because of their prices, rather because of their capacity, quality, functionality, and many more.  

If you want to know the best laptops to go for, based on what to look out for in terms of screen, processor, software, storage and memory, and more. Also, sequence to what you want to use it for, contact our engineers for free, to guide you through.

If you already have a laptop but is malfunctioning or has broken we have an expert that will fix it for you.

We are offering customers a platform where they can purchase top quality London used laptops at affordable prices with a warranty.

Frequently asked question on Laptop sales

What type of laptop can I buy for my 14 years old chide?

Answer: I good mini laptop is okay for a chide of 14 years old for a start, (Hp, Dell, Acer, or Lenovo of a capacity of 160GB of hard disk 2GB of ram.)

I’m a graphic designer, what type of laptop can you recommend for me to buy?

Answer: A laptop that has a minimum of 500GB of the hard disk drive 4GB of ram with 1GB dedicated or 2GB dedicated graphic card (Hp, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, with 15.6 screen size or so)

Dell and HP which one is the best?

Both are good, depending on individual preferences, but we advise people to go for HP because of the following reasons:

  • The parts are common
  • In terms of repair, HP has 99% of responding better.
  • In terms of cost, the HP parts are cheaper

 If I buy a laptop that has 250g of the hard disk drive 2GB of ram, can I upgrade it later?

Answer: Yes you can upgrade to a higher capacity if the laptop has the capacity

Is Dell a good laptop to buy?

Yes, it depends on individual preferences, considering the durability of the laptop, the battery, and the hardness of it.

Can I run an auto card on a laptop that has an Intel processor?

Answer: yes, but is not advisable reason is that most time the software tends to crash frequently on such processor.

Should I buy a UK used laptop or a new one?

Answer: It depends on your budget and your source.

Most times we advise people to go for the UK used laptop if their budget is slim because with little budget you can get good used laptop. Especially if you are buying from us we will give you a 6-month guarantee.

Should I buy children tap for my child or mini laptop?

Answer: We advise parents to go for a mini laptop, the reason is that, it has a higher capacity, for example, you can use it to install educational materials, cartoon, also you can use to do homework, learn, browse, etc.