Common Laptop repair issues, solutions and their maintenance

Common Laptop repair issues, solutions and their maintenance


Are you having an issue with your laptop?

In this post, I have written some possible or common issues you may be experiencing with your laptop, their solutions, and preventive majors.

You may be one of the millions of people who rely on their laptops every day to make daily bread, and now your laptop is given you some issues.

Don’t worry we have your back covered.

First, note that your laptop can either have a software or hardware issue. Being able to identify the type of issue your system have will go a long way to help you figure out what to do.

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Table of Contents

Common issues on Laptop repair and their possible solution

  1. Screen issues:

Many times we have had many clients narrating how the screen of their system all of a sudden got blind without a given sign or sometimes display some line with colors.

Although some do give signs, and work for some period of time before the screen final stop.

The truth is that a computer is an electronic device which means that anything can happen to it at any given time be it new or used.


Haven said that, if you have a laptop that the screen is no longer displaying or malfunctioning, the only solution to it, is to change it, because the screen can’t be repaired.

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  1. Keyboard malfunction:

This is another common problem we frequently seen from customer’s laptops. Keys on the laptop tend to often malfunction either by one key repeating itself or some particular keys in the keyboard not working.Keyboard malfunction


Once you experience this kind of problem, there are two solutions to this problem, first is to service it, that is, you will need to lose the laptop remove the keyboard and use a brush to dust the keyboard and the laptop very well.

If the keyboard is okay, after this it should work fine. But if it doesn’t the next option is the replacement of the keyboard with another one.

Note: some keyboards are in-built, in this case, you may need the service of a system engineer to do this for you.

Good news: if you are in Lagos Nigeria, you can bring it to our office to get it done.

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  1. Battery Problem:

Frequent battery draining is another common issue we receive often. Most times clients complain that their recently bought battery doesn’t last. Or that their battery is not charging.

The truth is that, if you happen to have an old generation laptop, the maximum time it can last is 2 hours while some may last 4 hours.how to check battery statues of your laptop

But if it were to be this new modern generation laptop, you can get a follow come battery that will last for 8 hours or more.


The only solution is a replacement or getting a power bank that will support the battery for a longer time.

Note: beware of getting china made battery it doesn’t last.

As for the case of the laptop not charging, you will have to get another charger and battery to test if it will charge, if it doesn’t you may need to give it to the system engineer to look at it in case if it is from the motherboard.

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  1. Broken laptop hinges

This type of problem is peculiar with HP laptops. This mostly happens if someone failed accidentally with the laptop whether is inside a bag or while carrying it.

It can also happen if the user is a rough person, that is, in the process of trying to open the laptop he or she mistakenly breaks the hinges especially if it is stiff.


It can be repaired by a system engineer. So you will need to give it to your system engineer to fix it.

Note: give it to an experienced system engineer, not a quack person.

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  1. Software crash

Sometimes clients complain of certain software always crashing when trying to do something with the laptop. For example, running an AutoCAD on a laptop that has an Intel processor.


Always check the capacity of your system in other to know the kind of software you can successfully run on it.

Is not all software that can run in all system, it always has capacity specify for it to run.

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  1. Wireless not connecting

One of the most common issues with laptops is the wireless connection problem. Most time it may work very fine today but tomorrow it may not connect again.

Some may not connect if the device is at a far distance.


First, diagnose the wireless connection by troubleshooting it to know the cause of the problem.

After that, if it didn’t fix it, try and drive the wireless driver or update the driver from the provider website.

If after doing this on your own, it didn’t fix it, you may give it to a system engineer to fix it for you.

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  1. Virus Attack

Virus attack is another common issue many system owners experience on a daily basis especially if you happen to frequently use your system online and download a lot of things.


The use of strong anti-virus for supper protection of your laptop and some files. Secondly, if the system already contacted the virus, the best solution is to format the laptop and clear the virus on the files.

  1. Slow system booting

Many times people complain system of being very slow thereby making their work unproductive or not been done on time.

The truth is that this kind of thing can at times be very frustrating, and annoying especially if you have a bulky task with minimal time to catch up with the deadline.


This type of problem can either be caused by a virus or the capacity of the system in question.

So before going further to know the exact solution for it, you will have to ascertain if it is a capacity issue or if it is a malware problem.

If it’s a virus, you will have to format the system. At the same time, if it’s a capacity problem you will have to upgrade the system to a better capacity.

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  1. Windows upgrade or downgrade

Even though this is not actually a problem, but many times we have seen customers coming to us requesting to either upgrade their window 7 operating system to window 10, 8, or 8.1.

Also, at the same time, we have had some customers requesting us to downgrade their windows from windows 8, 8.1, 10 to windows 7

The reason we find out is that many customers are already accustomed or familiar with using a particular windows software.

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How to maintain your laptop to serve you longer and better

  • To maintain the screen of your laptop to serve you longer and better, you will have to prevent it from falling also avoid dropping anything solid or liquid on top of the laptop while is closed, open, or inside a bag.
  • In other to maintain your laptop keyboard to last long, you must make sure you don’t allow water or dust to come close to it always dust it with a clean piece of cloth.
  • To maintain the life span of your battery, don’t allow it to always go down before charging it also If there is electricity always plug it in while working with it.
  • To prevent your laptop hinges from breaking, ensure you don’t handle the system roughly and you don’t fall down with it. Always handle your system as an egg.
  • Note: don’t drop your laptop on the bed or on the seat, to avoid someone mistakenly seating on it, rather always keep it on a table.
  • To prevent your laptop from software issues, make sure you install compatible software on it to avoid software crashing.
  • For malware, in other to prevent it from malware, always ensure you install active anti-virus on it. Also, avoid download or visiting any malicious website.
  • To avoid system booting slowly, ensure your laptop capacity is enough to carry out the task you intend to do with it also keep it out of the virus.

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Frequently asked questions on Laptop repair

I installed a driver for the game, cracked it, and try to configure it. I got this message “No 3D devices detected” I can’t seem to run games and some programs. My laptop is Compaq, processor: Pentium 4, Windows XP, Ram 512. Any help on what to do?

Answer: First, check the size, and memory requirement compatibility of the game you are trying to play. If your system measures up to the requirement of the game software, you can try to re-download the software again from the main site.

Please can you help me to solve this problem? The issue started not quite long. I discover whenever I plug my laptop on the light, it will show the normal charging light for a few seconds, thereafter, it will stop and will never come up again the battery always remains at 0% and trips off whenever the power goes off.

It’s quite possible that your battery is bad, you may try using another battery to see if you will still experience the same thing.

Why is my HP Probook 4515s shooting down by its self whenever it gets to a certain level? Any attempt to put it on again will not respond until you leave it for some time.

From your explanation, it is obvious that the system is overheating, it shoots down itself whenever the processor is hot. You may need to take it to a system engineer.

What could be the solution to this laptop problem? I have a Dell laptop which I install antivirus on, whenever I run the antivirus and restart my laptop, the antivirus seems to be removed or it will say “file corrupted”. I have formatted the laptop several times but the issue is still there.

Is obvious you have been attacked by a virus. The virus has corrupted the executable file find on your PC. The purpose is not to prevent it from working but to make you think you are safe when almost everything in your computer is lost.

Most anti-virus stop working when their file size changes. You will likely get an error message saying the original program has been modified.

This is what is happening to your antivirus. The source of the virus is probably a corrupted dump you are using.

After formatting your system when you run the corrupted program it re-infects your PC.

The only solution to this is to scan all your dumps on a friend’s PC. Then reinstall your OS again.

Please my laptop (Mini Samsung, window 7) is highlighting on its own. I have work I needed to edit on Microsoft word, but each time I click on any word it will just highlight. I can’t type either. Please what could be the issue?

The issue is the keyboard. You can take it to the system engineer to replace the keyboard.

What’s the likely cause of blue horizontal lines on my laptop screen and how much to fix? I’ve tried so many troubleshooting but the problem persists. It doesn’t even turn on and when it does, it turns off, and the caps lock, power, and Num lock and start blinking simultaneously.

The blue line on your laptop screen cannot be removed by any means, the only solution is to replace the screen because the line is from the screen.

My HP laptop shows plugged in but it’s not charging also whenever I want to charge it I will need to adjust the charger. Please what can be done?

The issue is either the charger is faulty or the charging port is bad. Try implementing any of these guidelines below:

  • Try another good charger to confirm if the problem will continue
  • Try another battery.
  • If still no changes take it to a computer expert or bring it to us, we will check it and tell you what the solution is or possibly get it done for you.

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