benefit of blogging for your business

Benefits of Blogging for your Business 2021


Are you a business owner? Are you thinking of blogging for your business?

Below we have written some benefits/advantages why you should start blogging for your business in other to have more sales, business growth, brand awareness, and high return of investment.

We all know in this 21st century if your business is not on Google, then you are definitely losing some money.

As a business owner, you may have been using other ways of marketing, making sales, or growing your business/brand (such as advertising, and one & one marketing), but neglecting the blogging aspect which is one of the modern and the best ways of getting more sales and promoting your brand.

Having said that, let’s dive into the main topic.

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6 Benefits of blogging for your business this year

  1. For more business awareness

For more business awarenessAs a business owner, it may have not been easier for you to compete with your competitors of the same business/services because they may have been in the market for a longer time than you or may have more resources/finances to compete with you. 

To make space for yourself, your business need to cooperate with the use of blogging technology in other to increase your audience base. 

Letting people know that you exist is the first step in converting them into loyal customers and fans.  

Writing relevant blog topics for your business in which your audience will be interested will be a great way to showcase your brand. When these people click on the blog article, they will come to know about your business/company. 

If your article is able to convince them enough about your business/services then these people will be ready to purchase from you. 

Additionally, blogging and content presentations will help you to inform people about your brand at the same time be used as a channel to make important announcements regarding new features, products, bounces, or additional services.

To ensure that your blog is helping you raise brand awareness, the first thing you need to do is keyword research”. Find all the keywords associated with your business/brand and those that hold the most value for your business.

Once you have done this, you can then move on to writing the content. Your writing should be clear and helpful. Adding eye-catching images and videos is another way to show your professionalism and competency.

As your blog matures and becomes well known in your industry, your business will start to benefit from the recognition and even generate leads as well as sales.

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  1. Make more sales

Make more sales - bloggingEvery business wants to make more sales. There can never be enough sales. 

As a business owner, there are other ways you may have deployed in making more sales (such as running social media ads that do help get a lot of conversions), but this method is temporary and cost more at such you shouldn’t use it alone.

Blogging can certainly increase sales. It’s slow most of the time, but once things pick up, you can ensure that sales are coming in large quantities. To ensure that your blog gives you the best return, choose to invest in sound design and high-impact tools like chatbots and a live chat app.

To start getting sales out of your blogging pipeline, you will need to be consistent. Ideally, your posts should be valuable and have a lot to offer to their intended audiences, at the same time need to keep improving. 

With time your audience will notice a change in the quality and experience your blog carries, ultimately realize that your experiences and opinions are valuable. They might even consider hiring you for their tasks or want to get in touch with you to form a partnership of sorts.

You can blog about new features that your product is coming out with or a discount on a service. Or you can stick with writing about topics in your industry. Your biggest concern should be improving your offerings and making your blog more valuable to your audience.

By so doing, your effort will lead to more sales and earn trust.

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  1. It shows that you’re knowledgeable in your business.

As been said earlier, another significant advantage of having a blog for your business is showing your expertise in your industry.  

Writing in-depth content and showcasing your professional knowledge about your industry, business/brand opens doors for your business.

It helps to start to build a personal following, and people who share similar interests begin to recognize your name and acknowledge your intellectual on the business. This can later help you get better connections and grow your professional network.

That being said, you don’t need to be at the very top of any niche to reap the benefits. All you need to show is that you are competent and can provide your audience with value. 

Although it takes time to establish your blog as a valuable resource. But when it eventually does, you will start ripping the fruit of your hard work permanently.

Think about it, would you believe a new blog that nobody knows about, or would you prefer an older blog that has consistently provided value to you over the years?

This is part of the reasons your reader will always convert back to you. And your business will benefit from you being in the spotlight for positive reasons. 

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  1. Better connection and genuine engagement with your readers

Blogs are not only a great way to drive traffic to your website, but it is also a nifty way to connect with your readers/audience. 

Getting an opinion about your business from regular consumers/clients is priceless. And thanks to your blog, you can have two-way communication with them.  

The good thing about this is that you will be able to get an honest review about your business from the people you don’t even know, also know more about their query, and come up with the best way to resolve it. At the same time strive to serve your customers/clients better.

Better engagement and building a solid relationship will yield dividends in the short and very long term. 

While this is true for all businesses, your business should make the most out of blogging to create engagement. Spending money on ads is a temporary thing.

Creating a genuine need for your audience to come into contact with you is achievable through blogging. 

  1. Improve your visibility on Search Engine (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is good. It’s a necessity for all businesses. People use Google (a search engine) to find new things, get directions or even learn something new.  

Your business may not have the available resources/finances to hire an SEO professional and improve your ranking visibilities.  

So writing blog content that will position your business on Search engines will definitely help to earn trust not only to your reader but also to search engine, thereby improving your visibility on the search result on certain keywords about your business.

Also when you write a quality and engaging blog, your readers will share the content within their circle and bring more people to the blog.

This will be a sign to search engines that your blog provides a lot of value to readers and it should be ranked higher on the search result. 

Meanwhile, improving your SEO is not a short-term strategy. Its real benefits will be realized in few months or even years in highly competitive niches.

Blogging helps you incorporate many keywords into your blog/website’s content. It helps search engines understand what your website is about. Your main landing page also gets a boost since your overall domain authority will be improved thanks to well-written SEO blogs.

All in all, a relevant SEO blog that has fantastic content can help your marketing department spread awareness and ultimately convert online visitors into paying customers.

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  1. To increase your network/clients

Growing your professional connections is not easy especially these days when most people want to stay away from other people if they can. 

And even before the pandemic, it was particularly challenging for some people to go to an industry event as they are shy and not the most social people. 

Through the internet via a blog, these personality traits can be overcome.

Having a quality engaging blog allows you to reach out to people in the same industry or possibly outside your industry.

Learning from these people and their experience helps make you a more rounded professional and business owner.  

The best way to make contacts from your blog and grow your network/audience is to enable two-way communication.

This can happen in the form of allowing comments on your blog, secondly, by asking your readers to send in their messages, advice, and suggestions via a contact form.

The more extensive your networks are the greater chance you will have in securing leads so ensure that your blog is helping you in growing your network. 

Over time, you will use your network to grow your business and fund projects that your audience resonates with.  

Yes, some people might not be amazed by your blog enough to make a call or to book an appointment. But as your blog grows and matures, you will start getting responses and requests to connect with other professionals.

Although this will take time, it is possible and a viable way for your business to evolve. 

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Your business can experience a 100% increase while blogging about it on the internet. This in return will help you raise awareness and make known in your niche, yield a greater chance for lead generation and sales.

The awareness and reach that a well-written blog post can get is something that cannot be emphasized. All of your efforts will start to pay off once your blog starts to get a bit of attraction.   

Over time, the blog can contribute to the growth of the business and become a recurring source of income once it becomes established. 

Step by step guide on how to write a perfect SEO optimized blog article

Before starting to create a blog content follow these laydown procedure

  • Type your target keyword in Google and check the top 10 results.

Note: They are in the top 10 because they are providing something which the user wants. It helps you to understand the user search intent.

  • Now, go to any keyword research tool such as (SEMRush), type your keyword and collect long-tail keywords which have a low keyword and high search volume.
  • Also, go to answerthepublic.com to collect questions related to your target keyword. You can add them in a separate section called FAQ.

During the process of writing your article, do the following:

  • Create better content than the top 10 ranking articles.
  • Use the long-tail keywords which you’ve collected.
  • Add a table of content
  • Do proper On-Page SEO optimization.

After publishing the content do the following

Create some backlinks for this article using Quora, Blog Commenting, Blogger Outreach, etc.

Alternatively, you may not have time to deploy the blogging process into your business, as such you might need the service.

Finding the right company for your brand and business is all it takes and we are here to serve you.

We are an IT firm/company that manages more than just blogging for business. We also manage SEO, social media profiles, and website design to increase your website/blog traffic, leads, and conversions.          

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How do I start successful blogging for my business?

First, go to Blue host and buy your hosting and domain. Thereafter install WordPress on it, set it up, design your site and start blogging. For more information on how to start a blog read this article.

What type of topics should I start with when writing my blog?

First, you should focus on writing blog topics that will convert to sell.

How much would a company charge me to manage my blog?

It depends on the task required and your niche, you should budget $800 to $3000 in other to see better result.

How many blog articles do I need to publish on my website per month?

You should focus on publishing 5 to 15 quality SEO blog article on your blog per month

How much will it cost me to create a blog for my business by myself?

It will take average cost of $70 to $200.

How should I write my blog for it to convert to sales?

First, you should focus on writing blog topics that will educate your readers about your business/services at the same time lead them to your sells page. Also follow the steps I mentioned earlier on this post on how to write SEO blog content.

Should I engage a company to do blogging for my business or should I do it myself?

If you have the money, and you don’t have the time and the knowledge I will advise you use professional for your blogging in other to get fast result. Otherwise, if you don’t have the finances you should go ahead learn it and do it yourself.

Does blogging have any benefits for small business owners?

Yes, it has a lots of benefits such as more sales, business awareness, genuine engagement etc.

Can I start blogging with my smartphone and be successful?

Yes it works but very stressful especially if you are using smart phone of low GB ram. Meanwhile, We don’t recommend it. Personal computer is most preferable.

I hope you find this article useful, if you have any questions, contributions, requests, addition, or corrections please feel free to drop your comment on the comment box below.

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