How to become Microsoft 365 Administrator certified

How to become Microsoft 365 Administrator certified


Are you an IT personnel or a beginner looking forward to becoming Microsoft 365 administrator certified? In this post, I have written the step-by-step processes you will need to undergo in other to accomplish this goal.

Being Microsoft certified will greatly give you an edge over others and also help you when it comes to getting a good job offer.

Let’s look at different Microsoft 365 administrator roles or certifications you may be interested in.

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What are the different Microsoft 365 administrator roles?

  1. Microsoft 365 security administrator
  2. Microsoft 365 messaging administrator
  3. Microsoft 365 modern Desktop administrator
  4. Microsoft 365 Teamwork administrator
  5. Microsoft 365 Enterprise administrator (broader role)


Before choosing an administrator role or building yourself to become an expert and writing an exam to get certified, you should first lookup for the job offers that require the certification you wish to get and make the decision wisely.

Furthermore, before we dive into this main topic, let’s check out what type of jobs that require this knowledge and its expectation. Because at the end of the day everything voice down to getting a better job with the certificate and the knowledge acquired.

What type of job requires me to be Microsoft 365 administrator certified?

  1. SharePoint/Microsoft 365 Administrator

The SharePoint/Microsoft 365 Administrator Interacts with the application team and internal customers to ensure the team sites, pages, and intranet tools are available across multiple teams and divisions of the bank. This includes support to not only deploy and maintain sites but to provide continued support of new and existing sites from a technical perspective.

  1. Modern Workplace Consultant (Microsoft 365)

Responsible for designing and deploying Microsoft 365 solutions for clients. The individual will be assisting local to public listed companies from different industries (manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, etc.) deploying the Microsoft Office 365 and/or the Microsoft 365 suite matching the customer’s needs.

  1. Administrator – Office 365

The Office 365 Administrator will work closely with cross-functional teams across the company to design, champion, deploy, and support the Microsoft Office 365 environment. The position will have expertise in all aspects of Microsoft Office 365 and will adhere to standards and best practices across the company.

  1. Microsoft 365 Systems Administrator

The Microsoft 365 Systems Administrator serves as campus email administrator responsible for the development and maintenance of the University’s Microsoft 365 Exchange email service. The position will be responsible for performing and overseeing account management, creation of campus distribution lists, and the configuration and setup of related mailbox objects; as well as implementing Microsoft’s latest security products and policies to ensure that industry best practices are followed as it relates to the identification, evaluation, and remediation of malware attempts.

Additionally, the position will support the integration and expansion of Microsoft-related 365 products including Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Azure Identify Management, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365 unified communications services.

  1. IT Systems Administrator – Microsoft 365 Adoption & Training

As a Microsoft 365 Adoption and Training Specialist, you will be responsible for the continuous efforts of adoption and training for Microsoft 365 services. These products include Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. The individual will be responsible to facilitate, lead and organize training, create on-demand training and adoption videos, and rollout an internal Microsoft 365 Champions Program to drive meaningful change and encourage new ways of working throughout the organization.

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How can I become Microsoft 365 administrator certified?

Step 1: Get trained by an experienced and certified Microsoft administrator

You will need to be trained by a certified person with some years of experience. In this case, we recommend person-to-person training (be it virtual or physical training) not some video training. This way you can easily reach out to your tutor in case you have some challenges while implementing the practical aspect of it.

Person-to-person training has been proven to be the best way to learning and mastering this type of professional training.

Because every step of this course to the end requires lab (practical) at the end of each module. And by so doing, is 100% certain that the learner will definitely encounter some challenges at some module and may need the help of the tutor instantly for more clarification as he continues with the practical.

Also, the training is expected to follow Microsoft standards.

Step 2: Write Microsoft Exam and obtain the certification

Before one can say he/she is a Microsoft expert or certified it is expected that the person must have written some Microsoft certified exams.

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Having said that, after obtaining the training the next thing is to write Microsoft certified exam.

This is where you have another advantage of connecting with your tutor for proper guidance and what to expect in exams during the training.

The exam can be written at the comfort of your home or in a Microsoft accredited center which takes between 90 minutes or 2 hours depending on the type of exam.

Please note: the cost of the exam varies from country to country at the same time irrespective of whatever the administrator role you wishes to go for you must first pass these two Microsoft exams below

Exam MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services.

Exam MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security.

You are expected to score at least 70% on the exam in other to pass the exam.

What else do I need after I must have gotten my certification?

Gain real-world practical knowledge (either from industry or as a consultant)

At the end of the above two steps, you will need to face some real-world practical challenges for at least a minimum of 2 years in other to become acquainted with the Microsoft environment.

Also, most of the job offers will require someone that has already gained industrial experience for years.

So, after training and getting the certificate, you will either need to work in an industry (company) for some years or work as a consultant in other to perfect the knowledge acquired.

This is where I will say, I T personnel or administrator are the most beneficial people for acquiring this type of knowledge because they already have an environment to practice.

The good news about this Microsoft 365 administrator program is that is cloud-based work, which means that it can be done anywhere in the world.

You may be curious to know the average pay/salary this course/knowledge will give you per month/year?

Use this link to check out some of the average pay of salary for this course.

Please note: The salary varies from country to country.

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What are the advantages of becoming Microsoft certified?

  • To become Microsoft certified and to administer office 365 environment.
  • To have an opportunity to gain a professional job offer with Microsoft or partners.
  • It gives one more edge in getting employment.
  • To have industrial recognition

If you’re looking forward to developing your skill and becoming a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, check out this training and its course outline.

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Frequent Asked Question

Where is the best place to register for Microsoft training?

The answer is “Best Info Tech Services” where we have certified and experienced tutors to train and guide you throughout your carrier in the field.
Your tutor will also prepare you for exams such as (MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity & Services) and (MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security).

What is the new update in Microsoft recertification?

From February 2021, you will now renew your role-based and specialty certifications by passing an online free renewal assessment at Microsoft Learn within six months before your certification expires. Upon passing this renewal assessment, your certification validity will be extended by one additional year from the current expiration date


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