Frequent ask questions (FAQ) | Laptop Problems and their Solutions


Frequent ask questions on laptops problems and their solutions

We have listed some of the frequent ask questions on laptop problems and their solutions. These are questions we often see people  asked on their laptop problems. Also our in-house computer engineer who specializes in servicing and repairing laptops has clearly answered all the questions.

If you have any laptop issue that is not answered among this questions, feel free to post it on the comment below our engineer will provide a solution to the problem.

FAQ on Computer Hardware | Laptop Problems and their Solutions

Table of Contents

FAQ: How to Fix a Slow Laptop and its solution.

My Laptop is very slow. Whenever I click to open a file or an App it takes long to open. What should I do to fix it?

There are many ways to fix this type of problem.

  • First method is to defragment your hard drive: If you are using a window 7 operating system (OS), click on the “start menu” and type “defrag”. In the control panel menu, click on “defragment your hard drive” thereafter Click on “analyze” in the menu that pops up. After the system has finished analyzing your hard drive for fragmented portion, click on “defragment disk”.
    If you are using a windows 8 or 10 operating system (OS), type “defrag” on the search bar, then click on “defragment and optimize your devices”, thereafter Click on “analyze” in the menu that pops up. After the system has finished analyzing your hard drive for fragmented portion, click on “defragment disk”.
  • Second method: removal of aero: you can remove the aero effect which requires more run time to display. To do this right click on your desktop and click on “personalize”, scroll down and then choose the “windows 7 basic theme”.
  • Third method, upgrade your RAM: Running multiple programs simultaneously on your system with little memory space (RAM), will slow down your computer. Consider increasing your RAM size

FAQ: Laptop Sound Problems and Solutions

Laptop repair service | computer Hardware repair

My laptop from time to time make sounds as if the hard drive is rotating, the noise sound as if something is turning around inside like the hard disk. It makes that sound each time i powered it on and also periodically during operation. How can I fix this?

It’s normal for you to observe the oscillating sound of the circular disk in your hard drive when the system is in use. But when the noise becomes too loud then you have to run a S.M.A.R.T check on such drive so as to know the condition of the drive.

I will advise you back up your files to an external storage as soon as possible.

My laptop speaker makes a static sounds anytime I'm playing music. What do you think is wrong with the speaker & how can I resolve this?

many laptops usually have two speakers. It is located beneath the tiny holes of the motherboard up-casing. Try to compare the sound coming from both speakers to see if one of them is burst.
However, the best option is to inspect the speakers for damage. If you can’t do this yourself, give it to an engineer. If you are in Lagos Nigeria, you can contact us

FAQ: keyboard problem and its solution

Some of the keys of my keyboard stopped working. What could be the problem?

There are so many things that could cause some or all of the keys of your keyboard to stop working. If the keys were working before and you didn’t tamper with your system recently the chance is high your system needs service.

First, restart the system, if after restarting the system it doesn’t fix it, try restoring your computer back to an earlier time when it was in perfect condition. If it still doesn’t work, loose out the keyboard, dust it and replace it then test it again. If it doesn’t work too, try testing another keyboard and check for those keys that where not working.

If you still can’t fix it, reach out to our engineers. We are ready to resolve the problem for you.

FAQ: motherboard issue and solution

I cleaned my system motherboard, fan and other components, the system refuse to boot after I finished coupling it. Instead, it start showing red light on the motherboard. I tried to change RAM, CPU and CMOS yet it didn’t work. Please how can I resolve this problem?

Wrong coupling can cause so many problems including what you are experiencing.
You should loose the motherboard. Connect the power switch and the screen, plug charger and switch it on. If it powers on and displays on the screen, then the problem you are experiencing is due to wrong coupling. So take your time again and carefully couple it again. Or preferable give to an experienced engineer to fix it.

FAQ: Common laptop screen problems

The screen of my HP elite book got broken. I will like to know how much it will cost me to fix it? And where I can fix it?

First you will have to buy the screen. The price of the screen depends on the size of screen your elite book is using. The size of your screen is written on the back of the screen when it is taken out of its hinges or you can consult your user manual for the size.

Better still take your laptop to a hardware accessory shop and they will tell you the size and price of its screen. Thereafter, you take it to system engineer to fix it for you.

Here are the estimated price for it in Lagos Nigeria.

15.6 inches screen cost N20,000 (twenty thousand naira). The system engineer may charge between N5,000 to N10,000 to fix it. So you may need to find about the price in your area. If you are in Lagos Nigeria, you can bring the system to our office, our experienced engineers will fix it for you.

FAQ: phone Wi-Fi connection problems to a system and its solution

How can i connect my phone to my laptop via hotpots?

It depends on the phone you are using. I will use an android phone to demonstrate the process of configuring it.

First, Go to “settings”, click on “more”, then click on “tethering and portable hotspot”, after that click “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot ”. Then click on “Wi-Fi hotspot setting”. Click on “setup Wi-Fi hotspot”. Input your username & password on network SSID and save it.

Now go to your computer, click on the “network icon” at the bottom right corner of your computer and look for your newly created username. Click on it, it will prompt you to input the password. Do that and your laptop will start browsing from the Internet connection on your phone.

Before i formatted my laptop, whenever i turn on my phone hotspot, and connect the wireless on my laptop it will connect immediately, but since i formatted it, the laptop has been trying to connect but it not connecting, i changed the network IDD and password on my Wi-Fi, i used the trouble shooting on my PC still it’s not connecting. Please tell me what I can do to make it work without re-formatting it?

Since you just formatted and reloaded your system, I guess the Wi-Fi needs to be driven for it to work.

If you know how to use driver pack, this should be a piece of cake. Just get driver pack and use it to drive the Wi-Fi. If you are in Lagos, you can contact us.

FAQ: Common laptop driver problems and solutions

Whenever my laptop boot up to login screen my track pad won't work I've to press any key on keyboard before the mouse starts working. I have previously uninstalled the keyboard and mouse drivers the problem got solved but the mouse becomes slow. Please how can I resolve this problem?

Since you have uninstalled the driver, you need to drive it again. Download a new driver or Buy the latest driver pack solution and use it to drive it.

You may also try reloading the system with a new operating system (OS) and then drive the system with the newest driver pack solution. This should take care of all the problems put together.

My USB ports is not functioning well and the keypad is malfunction. Please how can I troubleshoot these issues?

To resolve these problem, go to device manager and check if they are working normally. if they aren’t, drive them with the latest drivers.

If after all these, is still not fix. Contact us we can help you fix it.

I downloaded graphics driver for my system from both HP website & Intel site. Both of the two drivers didn't install, rather it display “system did not meet the requirements to install driver” although i have carefully selected the system type, operating system (OS) and model before installation. Please what do I do?

It simply means that what you downloaded didn’t match with your system hardware.
I advice you use driver update on your system to do the update. Here is how to do it.

Go to device manager and click on the specific device you want to download/update.
On the general/driver/details/events menu click on “driver”. Then click on “update driver”. The system will automatically search for its matching drivers and download it if there is an update.


FAQ: Laptop problem not starting

My laptop just trip off and all efforts to power is to no avail. If I try to power it the Power light will just stay a bit and off without booting. I have checked the power park & the battery, they are still ok. Please what could be the cause of this kind of problem?

Quickly do this, remove the battery and charger from the system. Press and hold down the power button for like 30 seconds. Plug in the charger only, now turn on the system.

Do this and give us your feedback.

FAQ: hp Laptop Problems and Solutions

My hp laptop hangs often whenever it's in use. Any time this happens I normally press the power button off and on to restart the system. Please advise me on how to resolve this kind of problem. Here are the system details HP EliteBook 8460p (i5) 320 G. 4G RAM Windows 8.1

Hanging is perhaps caused by the overheating of VGA. Overheating of VGA is probably due to faulty fan or a fan that is not blowing properly. Faulty fan is a common problem of Elitebook 8460P.
So basically you need the service of a system engineer who will help you remove the dust from the fan or change it if necessary. If you are in Lagos Nigeria, you can contact us.

My hp15 core i3 laptop can see wireless network that is in a few distance away but cannot connect to it, except i bring the Mi-Fi device closer. What should I do?

This is an issue of distance between your Mi-Fi device and your laptop.

First try connecting another device such as laptop or a phone to your Mi-Fi and compare the distance at which it connects. This way you will be able to know if the problem is coming from your laptop or the Mi-Fi signal. 

FAQ: Laptop Charging problem and solutions

My Samsung mini laptop N102SP gets stuck at 29% when charging, but it still shows plugged in, charging. I have tried several method all to no avail. I have checked the BIOS setting to see if Battery Extender is disabled. I have drained the battery and start charging from zero percent but still the same stuff. Please how can I resolve this issue?

First you need to try using another battery and charger on that same system. If the problem persists, then you may need the services of a system engineer.

My laptop is not charging what should i do?

First try charging the battery for at least one hour. While is charging, observe if the charging light is on. Also observe what is displayed on the battery notification when you load the system into windows.

Check to see if the battery notification is displayed any of these option below.

  • Plugged in and charging (battery percentage increasing): this show the battery and system are OK.
  • Secondly, plugged in charging (battery percentage not increasing): this shows the battery may have problem. First try another charger to ensure your charger is not the problem. Also try another battery to be sure your battery is OK. If after you try these and still not charging, your board may be problem.
  • Thirdly, Plugged in and not charging: this may cause by the charging port. To resolve this issue, try using another charger and battery (try more than one charger and battery). If after trying and your system refuse to charge either your battery or another battery, then the charging pot & your mother board needs to be checked.

FAQ: Boot device not found and their solution

Here is what display on the screen; “boot device not found, please run the hard disk test in system diagnostic hard disk 1(3f1) f2 system diagnostics for more information please visit” please what should i do?

If it’s boot device not found, then your hard drive is most likely the problem. On rare occasions, the problem may also be as a result of a faulty motherboard.

Furthermore, your hard drive may have shifted from its position as a result of moving it here and there. So just remove the hard drive and replace it again. Remember to remove your battery and charger from the system before doing this.
If that doesn’t solve it, try the following.

Get a working hard drive and test it on your system.
If it works, your hard drive is bad. If it doesn’t, then your motherboard need to be checked by a system engineer.

My system didn’t boot after i powered it on, rather it shows this message “NO BOOTABLE DEVICES-strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for set utility press F5 to run onboard” please help me, how can i resolve this problem?

In order to fix this kind of problem, Try these simple steps:

Step one: Turn off the computer and wait five
Step two: Press the Power button to start the
computer and repeatedly press the F10
key to enter the BIOS setup menu.

Please note: the “F keys” for BIOS setup menu may differ from system to system. So if F10 is not the right key for your system, try using another key to enter the BIOS setup menu
Step three: On the BIOS Setup screen, press F9 key
to select and load the BIOS Setup Default settings.
Step four: Press F10 to Save and Exit.
Step five: Using the arrow keys select Yes and then
press Enter when asked “Exit Saving

Step six: Follow the prompts to restart your
If the computer restarts normally and the
error message does not display, you are

After following all this step and it still fails to boot, try RESETTING your hard drive. Most hard drives can be located by unscrewing one or two screws from the back of your laptop casing. Remember to remove the battery and AC adapter before doing this. Locate the hard drive, remove and then replace it. Turn on your computer and see if it boots.

If that still doesn’t work, try replacing it with another hard drive. You may contact us for any other assistance.

FAQ: BIOS reset problem and solution

My Dell Latitude E6420 fingerprint reader stopped reading fingerprints, and has locked me out of my laptop as I had enabled BIOS authentication on it. Is there a way to flash and reset the BIOS? PS: Dell sent a supposed reset password that's not working.

There are two basic methods of resolving this issue. The software method involving entering a master password to clear the bios. The second method involves replacing your bios with a new one.
If you are in Lagos Nigeria and need someone to help you with this, get in-touch with us.

FAQ: System restarting problems and their solutions.

My MacBook Pro restarts too often and it annoying and frustrating. What can i do to resolve the issue please?

It perhaps due to overheating of the VGA. Restarting may also be as a result of faulty fan or fan not working well.
Please answer these question for further assistance:
What kind of application do you run before it restarts?
Do you notice hotness of the underneath casing of your system when it restarts?
Or preferable you may need to see a system engineer to help service your laptop.

Water poured heavily on my system. It has refused to boot completely ever since then, it has also constantly being restarting once it reaches a point. What do I do?

Once water mistakenly poured on a laptop. You should quickly remove the battery to prevent the water from short circuiting the motherboard. However, for you to experience constant restart of the system, it may be that the mother board has develop a problem. Try and give it to system engineer to check the exact issue and recommend for a possible solution.


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