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Best place to buy used laptop in Nigeria


Are you planning of buying a used laptop in Nigeria?

Are you thinking of a place to purchase a laptop that will serve you for a long time without developing any issue?

Well, I have good news for you, Best Info Tech Services sells all kinds of used Laptops, be it Uk used, Nigeria used, etc. As well as new laptops. check it out.

So before we proceed can you tell us exactly what you want by answering these questions below

  • What type of system do you plan of buying?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have anyone in mind?

Use the comment box below or our email (info@bestinfotechservices.com) to communicate with us.

Read this blog post for a better understanding of what to check before buying a used laptop.

Things you shouldn’t do when you plan on purchasing a used laptop

Don’t order a used laptop online, buying any used electronics online is not advisable.

When it comes to electronics anything can happen at any time. Even the one you tested by yourself can disappoint within a short period of time, not to compare the one you never check.

So to be in safer hands, make sure you purchase it in a shop. If the online have a shop or office, make out time to go there and check the system before purchase.

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Get a good Used laptop at “Best Info Tech Services” in Ikeja Lagos

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The best place to buy a used laptop in Nigeria is from “us”.

The reason is that we don’t only sell London used laptop we also repair systems. We know our onion when it comes to laptop and everything that concerns it.

We have been in existence for this business in Ikeja (computer village) for over 12 years. We have sold millions of used laptops to different clients which they have in return kept on recommending us to people.

We love building a good customer relationship.

As such if at the process of the transaction we notice any issue on the laptop, the system engineer will immediately fix the issue free of charge.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a laptop seller in Nigeria you can trust, we are here for you. Connect with us today for a better laptop deal.

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Different between the UK used laptop and Nigeria used laptop.

London Used LaptopNigeria Used Laptop
The system is well used and managedThe system is overused and poorly managed
It is costlier than Nigeria used laptopIt is cheaper than London used laptop
It can serve for a long time before experiencing any damage or fault.It has a high tendency of getting spoil within the shortest period of time.
Every part or component of the system has a 90% chance of being in good working condition.It has a 50% chance of some part of the system being in good working condition.
The systems always tend to be neater and strongerThe systems are less strong and have a high tendency of been scratched all over.

Advantage of a used laptop over the new one

  1. Affordability: one of the major reasons or advantages people go for the option of a used laptop, is because of the low cost. Probably the person doesn’t have enough money to buy a new one.
    However, the truth is that there are a lot of times people have gotten a good laptop (especial London used laptop) that serve them for ages while buying a used one. Although is a two-way thing.
  2. Testing before purchasing: another advantage a used laptop has over the new one, is the ability to test the laptop before purchase. By so doing you will be able to go through it, before making the decision of purchasing it.
  3. Stronger than the new ones: most of the new laptops are so delicate, they are not strong, if anything touches on them or if it fails on the ground it immediately develops a fault. Especially those that are made in china. Also if there is any light issue the system will go bad. But if it were to be London used laptop, even if it mistakenly falls on the ground it will still be working for a long time before starting to malfunction.

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What to consider when buying a laptop

If you are planning of buying a laptop either a used or a new one, there are important things to put into considerations before purchase.

It has to do with the overall functionality of the system. So if you want to enjoy the system to whatever you intend to use it for. Please look out for these things.

The Hard drive or SSD sizeYou should consider going for a hard drive size of 250GB, 350GB, 500GB, or 1terabite depending on the nature of the things you proposed to do with it.
RAM SizeWe recommend a ram size of 4GB, for a typing job. And 8GB above for graphics, design, and programming.
Processor type sizeWe recommend cori3 for office and typing jobs. But for graphics, design, and programming, go for anything from cori5 above.
The graphics cardIf you are using the laptop for designing, programming, gaming, please go for a graphics card of 2GB above.

Why do people go for a particular brand of laptop such as Dell, HP, Apple, etc?

People go for a particular brand for these reasons:

  • Because someone told them or recommended it.
  • Because of personal feelings or thoughts.
  • Because of the experience they had with the previous one.
  • Because it is the required brand for the organization or company.
  • Because of the famous brand name.

However, apart from the above reasons, the majority of people love going for a brand that has their spare part in the market, in case if anything spoils on it or gets damaged, it can be easily replaced.

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