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Are you looking forward to engaging the services of the best website designer in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria?

Are you in or outside Lagos? Do you need the service of a website designer? For designing, redesign, or maintenance of your site.

If yes, we are happy to connect with you also we are here to serve you.

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History of Web Design & Development

From the start of the 21st century, the web has become more united in people’s lives.

This has helped the technology of web design to have moved on.

There have also been significant changes in the way people use and access the web, and this has changed how websites are designed.

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Our web design and development service covers:

web design project of our client -olanhealthcare website

  • Blog Design
  • Real estate website
  • Forum Development
  • Corporate Website Design
  • Marketing Website Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Business website
  • E-commerce Web Development
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Online Community website design
  • and more. Take a look at a few of our designs.

Best Info Tech Service Method of meeting client request:

  • Our in house web designer will have a meeting or put a call across to the client in order to get a proper understanding of the client’s business and objectives
  • The in-house team will Strategic plan and collaborate to get the best approach to each request.
  • The team will continue to communicate with the client’s personnel.
  • Thereafter come-up with a well-planned user experience prototype.
  • Finally design a unique, user-friendly, interactive, and visually appealing website.

On going website design: onlineservices

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What you should look at for when engaging the services of the Best web designer

There are many reasons one may need to engage the services of the best web designer.

Below are some of the key things we implement on all the websites we design for clients also what your website designer should deploy on your website too. 

  • Mobile Friendly

Fully responsive design that is compatible with mobiles, tabs, and computers. Websites are also multi-browser compatible.

  • Free set up of Social media platform & Google my Business page.

Most of our website design packages come with a free setup of social media pages and GMB listing for clients that don’t have an existing one.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

What’s the use of a website when nobody can find it?

We develop SEO-friendly websites that help your business get discovered online.

  • Optimized For Conversion

Our website design not only looks and feels great to your visitors but is also optimized to generate better conversion & sales.

  • Quality Support

We are always here whenever you need help or support, we do not charge when helping our customers.

There are many reasons to choose our professional services which not only come with stunning graphics but also built on a robust coding platform that enhances user experience and maximizes your conversion and sales.

Talk to us today and learn how our strategic website design can help you increase your sales and get discovered online.

Do you want to learn how to design a website?

Read this blog post, written by one of our web designers. she literally explains step by step how to create a website.

FAQ on Web Design

Where can I find a good web designer that can design our company website?

Bestinfotechservces.com have the qualify web designers that create astonishing web pages and SEO friendly website.

For SEO purposes I have a baseball blog, would a static web page be better or should I just show the most recent blog posts?

I would recommend a static page with a layout that highlights your blog or maybe even a website about baseball that has a lot of articles.
You can actually even create several pages about several topics apart from your blog and you can create internal links.

From SEO Perspective – Which WP theme do you recommend

We recommend the Ocean WP theme because is SEO friendly, it has many customization features on the free version, unlike Astra Free Theme. It is easy to use and have performed very well on one of our domain on Google. 

Is there a rule of thumb for H1, H2, H3, H4, and paragraphs to follow specifically for mobile, tablet, and desktop?

From Googles design guides, here’s the only information we know for sure:
Minimum pixels should be 16px. If it’s an older demographic or disabled demographic shoot up to 20px
H Headings should be in semantic order on the page and only H1, H2, and H3’s matter.
Make sure all buttons have a minimum line height of 48-52px.
Margin left works best for longer bodies of text, and margin center for smaller ones.

How can I learn web design?

Step a: Start creating your own website. The best way to start learning web design is to start doing it.

Step b: Start reading – Read everything you can on google and watch many YouTube videos regarding web design.

Step c: Learn to understand CSS

Step d: Apply whatever you learned to your web design practice.

(If you want a paid services) Register for web design training.

Contact us for help if the need arises (Ts C apply).

My website is running so slow I can’t even get Gtmetrix to analyze it, it’s running slow on the backend as well. Please any suggestions?

It could be multiple factors.
It can be from the host, you may need to contact your host, but then check your WordPress health screen for clues.
Increase PHP memory limit can help as well.
Check your database, monitor queries & remove those plugins that have bloat.
Also, make sure to properly optimize your site!

Can I remove a “page title” through CSS Coding in WordPress?

Yes you can, call the title class in CSS and display : “none”.