How to hire content writer in Nigeria

How to hire a unique & experienced SEO content writer in Nigeria for your web design project.


Are you an agency, individual, web designer, or a company looking forward to hiring the service of an experienced unique content writer in Nigeria?

Please, take your time to read this blog post before hiring any content writer in Nigeria.

Having said that, I will recommend for you to also take your time and do the following.

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  1. Understand what type of writer you want:

Specify the particular niche you are looking forward to engaging the writer for. It is important to narrow down what you want.

A writer may be able to write good and amazing content regarding technology, insurance, education, etc because he/she has personal experience and development regarding those niches.

But may not be able to write good content in other niches like real estate, medical, parenting, etc, because of lack of sufficient knowledge on that particular niche, poor understanding of how to write such content to meet the expectation, etc.

  1. Ascertain the Skill Level writer you want

Web content writer varies based on their experience, and skill level so is the cost of their services.

If you are looking forward to engaging the services, it will do you a lot of good to narrow down the type of skilled writer you want, based on what you are looking for and the budget you intend to spend on the task.

Although some may claim they are good and raised their cost high, the best way to ascertain this, is by going through similar works he/she may have done in the past.

With that, you can be 60% convinced of his/her services and whatever cost you intend to pay.

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How to find an amazing content writer in Nigeria

How to find amazing content writer in Nigeria

  • Through Google

The best place to find a good SEO content writer in Nigeria is through Google. Go to Google type on search query what you want, Google will display different web pages related to your search.
I recommend you check out each page and what they specify to offer. That is, the type of niches, cost, and similar articles they have written or a client like yours they have worked for.

  • Through referral

Secondly, another good way to find a good content writer is through referral, (friends, colleagues, or relations) who may have done a similar thing you intend to do. Getting contact from someone you know that have done related work in the past will definitely be a better advantage to your request.

  • By checking out similar / competitor website

Thirdly you can check out websites like yours that have content that pleases your request then you contact the writer to write similar content for you.

  • Social platforms

Other places to find writers in Nigeria are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and some freelance website. But I don’t recommend this in Nigeria, because there are lots of incompetent and fraudulent writers on these platforms.

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What to do after you have found a few writers that may please you

After some research, you may have found 3 to 5 contacts online that may interest you. The next thing is to follow these laydown procedures mention below.

Have a video interview with a few of your proposed writers

I personally recommend for you to have a video interview with the writers, so as to get to know the personality, his\her English speaking ability at the same time, ascertain some of the his\her confidence on the job. Thereafter you can then conclude either to choose or black list the writer for the job.

Price negotiation

Endeavor to negotiate the price with the writer at a better cost. Also, don’t settle because of the cost alone, rather go for the one that most assure you that will produce better results.

Take note of their cost differences, their work experiences, and statues of the work they must have done in the past and equate them all together.

At the same time keep the contact of others, you may later desire to try their services in the future.

Go for the most Creative writer

After you must have seen their past jobs and had a video interview with 2 or 3 different writers. Next is to go for the most creative one among them and give it a shot.

Choosing a creative writer for your website content is very essential for your web visitors. Because you will need to hook every site visitor that visited your site and convert them to a future client, which is why you should go for a creative writer that knows SEO and also how to convert website visitors to a client.

Legal agreement

Have a legally binding agreement with your choosing writer and give him the job. Remember to stipulate everything in white and black.

That is the amount, date of delivery, part payment, and when the full payment will be paid.

Also, the number of words you will be expecting the content to carry.


Getting an experienced unique web content writer here in Nigeria requires you to be extra careful and evidence of past work before giving out the job. Also, endeavor to ascertain ones’ ability before engaging his or her services.


Hiring an individual content writer or engaging a company to write for me which one is better?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantage.

Hiring an individual might be a bit cheaper in terms of cost, but may fail in the area of getting the desired result. At the same time, engaging a company may be costlier but have 95% of giving you your desired result

What is the difference between a content writer and a copywriter?

Many people have often sometimes misunderstood the differences between a content writer and a copywriter.

Content writer services focus more on engagement, brand awareness, and educational content such as:

  1. Social media content
  2. Website Blog post contents
  3. Newsletters
  4. Content videos

Copywriter Services: focuses on the purpose of conversion such as:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Landing/sales page content
  3. Promotional videos with copy product and description.
  4. Ads write up

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I hope you find this article useful, if you have any questions, contributions, requests, addition, or corrections please feel free to drop your comment on the comment box below.

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