Best content writers in Nigeria

Best Content Writers in Nigeria


Looking to engage the best content writer in Nigeria?

We are here for you. We have amazing and professional writers who have single-handedly handle different projects on their own and have seen amazing results.

For example one of our writers (staff) Nonye, has single-handedly written and managed one of our client’s websites (planetvilleestate.com). Take your time and view the site for your referral.  

And the client has in return experience a monthly client conversion rate through their website.

This and many more we can do for you.
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Best Content Writers in Nigeria

Best info Tech Services has been proven to be one of the best content writers in Nigeria. Focusing on writing article that solves and answers user’s question thereby converting them to a client.

Hire us for your Writing Jobs

Are you in or outside Nigeria? Are you looking forward to hiring a content writer in Nigeria?

Many times companies and individuals out-source their content writing to either a freelancer online or to an agency that has little or no experience in writing.

At the end of the day, they end up not delivering the right result they promised. This we have often experienced witnesses for some clients.

Also, oftentimes, clients approach us with their demands, they ended up narrating how the formal writer disappointed them and was not able to deliver.

Choosing “Best Info Tech Services” for your writing jobs in Nigeria is one of the best decisions you can think of.

We in our own opinion are one of the best content writers in Nigeria because we deliver results.

We go extra mine to make sure that your aim and objectives of choosing us are fulfilled within the shortest period of time.
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What should I expect from your content writing?

Here are some of the things you should expect from our writing jobs

  1. We promise writing content that solves the user’s problems and answers their questions.
  2. A well organized and structured content.
  3. An article or blog post that is written in simple English that all readers will understand and assimilate.
  4. SEO friendly content.
  5. Readers desired content.
  6. Content that converts visitors to clients.
  7. A content that draws traffic to the site.
  8. An Educating content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly written content

Are you a company or an individual? Do you have a website that is dormant or a website that is not converting visitors to sales? Do you want more traffic to your website?


If yes, then, all you need is quality SEO written content that is well structured and optimized for google consumption.

Consequentially, we know the tricks and algorithm required to put your site on the first page of google and that is what we assure to deliver to you through our quality SEO blog writing.

What then are you waiting for, reach out to us today lets discuss.
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Content that converts visitors to sales

There are a lot of differences between contents that draw traffic and contents that convert visitors to sale.

Contents may generate a lot of traffic by having many viewers or readers but at the end of the day, none of the users/visitors purchases your goods or services.

This now voices down to this question. What exactly do you want, traffic or sales?

The good news is that irrespective of what your answers are, Best Info Tech Services is here to solve both problems.
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Remote content writing

Are you a company or an individual? Are you in or outside Nigeria? Do you want to outsource your content writing to a legitimate company in Nigeria? Are you looking forward to partner with remote content writers?


We would want to work with you. We write quality and original remote content that answer user’s problem.

We also do remote content writing for companies, individuals, organizations, etc. anywhere in the world, be it in Nigeria or overseas.
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Reasons you should choose us and the cost of our writing

The cost of our writing is a function of what the client requested. We have a fixed cost for articles of 1000 words, 1500 words, 2000 words, and 3000 words.

However, we are not based on that rather we are concern about results. This means there is a need to do keyword research, competitors’ site analysis, site auditing, and SEO structuring.

Now keeping all this in check will attract more cost but will give a better result.

Having explained that, this is part of the reasons why we don’t have a fixed price. Our price is a function of the outcome of the above point mentioned.

Although most times, clients come and said they don’t need us to do all those things for them, all they want is for us to write on a specific topic given to us.

In this case, we charge our normal price, but we always try to give them a note of warning, “should incase the article didn’t perform the way it was expected on the search result, no one should hold us responsible”.

Because to us, we understand that it takes NOT only the written content for you to see a good result but other things too.
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Why you should engage experienced professional writer like us

  • For quality and original content
  • For better result
  • Our price is competitive
  • Your goal of hiring us is 90% assured
  • Your money is safe and shall give you the desired result

Why you should involve a company for your content writing instead of a freelancer

100% result of your demand: when you choose a company or an agency, you are certain that they will not run away with your money, also that they will deliver because client satisfaction is every company’s aim and objectives.

But when you choose a freelancer online, he or she is operating as an individual, which means there is a high tendency of your work been screwed up, either by writing copy and paste content, or delay of work.

In some cases, they may run away with your money.
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Which Niches do we write for?

We write content for different niches, such as entertainment, relationships, news, technology, politics, education, real estate, construction, finance, etc. Depending on the clients’ niches and their request.

Our writers are known to be:

  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • SEO writers
  • English writer
  • Time conscious

Our work speaks for us. Cheers! Engage us today for better results on your website and blog traffic. The trial will convince you.

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