Steps on how to become a professional practical computer hardware repair engineer in Nigeria

Steps on how to become a professional practical computer hardware repair engineer in Nigeria


Are you a student, worker, or business person looking forward to learning and become a professional & practical computer hardware repair engineer?

In this post, we have explained in detail how to become a professional and practical computer hardware repair engineer even though you have or don’t have a university degree.

Computer hardware repair engineering

This training course has to do with both the software and hardware aspect of the computer system. The course is often studied in the higher institution in other to acquire the degree and the certificate. Unfortunately, the real-life practical training of this course can’t be gotten from a Nigeria Higher institution.

Rather it can be gotten from the technicians, engineers and institutes who are doing it as a business.

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Becoming a practical computer hardware repair engineer in Nigeria

For one to become a good and practical computer hardware repair engineer in Nigeria. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must acquire a university degree before you can make it into the profession.

As a matter of fact, many good & professional engineers in computer Village Ikeja Lagos Nigeria doesn’t have a high-level degree but, they are the boss of their own with many branches of their businesses and also are doing very well on the field.

The truth is this before you can become “professional” and excel greatly in this career part you must have learned and undergone years of experience.

That is while we often advise interested people to start on time (especially after they finished secondary school) because there are things you learn during your learning classes and the things you learn after you have set up yourself and all these things are what makes you professional & successful.

Meanwhile, it’s good and advisable to also get your high-level degree while you are still in the field. This will go a long way to bring open doors and great business opportunities to you in the future.

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Questions you need to ask yourself before you enroll yourself in this course?

  • Why do I want to go for this training?
  • What do I intend to do with the knowledge after the training?
  • Can I do this base on my capabilities?
  • Are mine doing it because I was force or because my friend is doing it?
  • How do I intend to use the knowledge to my advantage and better my financial life after the training?

At the end, if you have a convincing answer to yourself you can then go ahead and enroll for the training.

Steps on how to become a good practical computer hardware repair engineer

Below are the lay down steps to follow when embarking on this career part.

Step 1: Register with a well-proven computer hardware repair engineering institute or training center.

Computer Hardware repair & Training

We recommend people to register with institutes/training centers that are offering system repair as their services. Because with this you intend to deal with real-life practical training.

Unlike when you register with schools/institute that doesn’t render system (laptop) repair services.

Step 2: set a goal for yourself

Setting a goal for yourself and working towards achieving those goals daily is a great way to experiences speedily success.

Many times we have seen some student enrolled on this training but doesn’t have a goal set, rather either want to use it to while away their time of waiting for admission or something else.

If you don’t set a goal and remain focus to achieve it definitely you will end up wasting your time and money, at the end of the day you regret going for it.

Step 3: determination and focus on the training

We have seen many times when people come to learn they tend to do it because either they were told or the parent/guidance forced them to come and acquire the skill and the knowledge. At the end of the day, they will not bring in their best.

Before one can make a career in this field or even in life, you must be determined to your goal, and also you should be focus on the journey. You shouldn’t allow things, activities, friends, or your colleagues to distract your goal of coming to learn.

Always remain focus and be determine during the process of training or whenever you are given a task to do.

Step 4: the constant practice of what you where though

When it comes to computer hardware repair you will need to undergo constant practice to perfect what you have been taught. You will also need to do one thing over and over again in different types of systems. By so doing you are mastering system parts and configurations.

Constant practicing is the key to your success in this career part although this course has the theory aspect of it, the main work lies in the practical work. So if you are someone that is lazy to practice things you were taught you may not do well in this field.

Step 5: doing it yourself without assistant

A good way to ascertain one’s capabilities is doing what you have been taught yourself without the help of anyone.

By so doing you will get to know, observe and implement some things your tutor may not have mentioned during the training class.

Constant personal practice without any one assistant is a key to a better improvement to your learning.

Although there will be a time you may make mistakes in the process, then is part of the learning process. So when you find yourself doing that, let it not discourage you.

Also, make sure that wherever you are applying the knowledge you acquired for the first time is not on a client system to avoid serious damage.

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What are the possible business/job opportunities I can I do with the knowledge I acquired from computer hardware repair training?

At the end of the period of your training you should be able to use the knowledge you acquired to do any of these below:

  • Get a job in a small/big company as a computer engineer
  • Set up your own and become a boss of your own
  • If you don’t have funds to set up your own, you can work as an assistant engineer to someone until you are able to set up your own.
  • If you are a student, you can use the knowledge you acquire to earn income while in school.

What you will need to do if you must learn computer hardware repair in a short time

Computer repair training class

Oftentimes, people come to us saying I want to learn this in a short time so that I can use the knowledge to start making money quickly.  

The truth is that learning a computer hardware repair in a short period, will not give you ground knowledge on the field. As such you may not be able to treat or resolve every computer hardware issue brought to you.   

So the best solution is for you to have or know someone that is an expert (guru) on the field, so when such cases come, you will have to send the job to him/her to do while you collect a little commission out of it without the client knowing what transparent on the job.

This way you will be making money also your clients will think you are the actual person doing the job and will bring more jobs to you.

Why you shouldn’t allow anyone to force you into learning computer hardware repair engineer

If you are not ready, nor interested on this career part please don’t border going to waste your time and money to enroll.

Also don’t allow anyone be it parent/guidance to force you into it, because you are not ready for it as such you can’t make something out of it.

Computer hardware repair requires you to be fully ready and dedicated to the practical learning aspect of it.

It equally requires you to be fully concentrated. You will need to also plan your daily expense while on the training so you wouldn’t have to stop along the way because of your transport to your training ground and your daily feeding.  

Learning a computer hardware repair will requires you to spend some time at least a years to master as many system cases as possible.

So you need to be well ready before embarking on it.

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How long does it take to learn a computer hardware repair in Nigeria?

It takes 6 months for one to learn all the necessary things required but you will need to spend extra 6 months after your training class in other to master, practice, implement and experience more on the real-life practical jobs.

How much does it cost to do the 6 months computer hardware repair training?

The training cost is between ₦50,000 to ₦100,000 depending on the training center and how good they are on the field. Some quack centers may charge below this price range.

Which computer hardware institute/training center in Lagos is the best place to enroll for the training?

We highly recommend Best Info Tech Services (Okeysima technologies) because of the sound engineers they have produced over the years.

Can one make an installment payment to learn computer hardware repair in Nigeria?

Yes, definitely you can but with a given period of time.

we hope you find this article useful, if you have any questions, contributions, requests, addition, or corrections please feel free to drop your comment on the comment box below.

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