List of Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria and their contact details


Nigeria Web Hosting Companies

List of Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria and their contact details

Whenever one decide to create a new website that will speedily serve visitor/user, next thing that will come to his or her mind is “which best web hosting company should I use?”

The question is what do you consider as best hosting service? Secondly what are you expecting from their services? If a hosting company can give you 80 to 90 percent of what you want, then they are your best. But remember what you may be expecting from a web hosting company may be different from what the other customer want.

In Nigeria there are so many web hosting companies. Their mode of receiving payment can either be through e-payment system or Nigeria banks. Some of them may be affordable and reliable, but it’s not easy to tell which one is best to give you the right service you are looking for. 

Hence, I decide to write this blog so that people can share their experiences (good or bad) in order to help others in making decision on which web hosting company in Nigeria they should go for.

The information shared in this post is intended to help or empower potential customers with the knowledge to make the right choice of web host services.

If there is any other Nigeria web hosting company that is not listed here below please share their details on the comment box.

Many web hosting company has come and gone. But some are still in existence.

Please beware of any web hosting company that doesn’t have SSl installed on their website.

What to expect from a good web hosting company:

  • 24/7 customer support: a good hosting company should be available 24/7 to support, guide and help their user/customer on any issue regarding their services.
  • Quick respond time: they should create a platform where they can easily respond or attend to customer’s issues/request. Either by Phone or live chat.
  • Speed and reliability: their server should be fast and reliable to host numerous website also load fast when a web service is accessed from it.
  • Site uptime of 💯.: the web server should always run efficiently without experiencing breakdown of service.
  • Usability & Simplicity : the interface\design should be easy and simple to use (ie user friendly). You don’t need to waste all your time to purchase or setting up your website.
  • Willingness to reset or assist if self made problem occurred such as from theme and plugin conflict.
  • Reasonable price. Their price should be competitive with other service provides.
  • Backups: they should have Automatic backup of all the website files and content.
  • SSD hard drive.
  • Good support team. Their customer support team should be nice, patient and also know how to tolerate and deal with different customer request.
  • Friendly server interface.
  • SSl certificates includes( using let’s encrypt 4 example)
  • The Location should be in your target country

What to check before deciding the best hosting company to go for

  1. Reviews: take time and go through peoples review (both good and bad) on their services. Also bear in mind that some reviews may be fake. So be wise to know the genuine ones.
  2. The speed of their own website: if their website speed is low definitely there web hosting service will be poor.
  3. Speak with the customer care: Try speaking with their customer care to get a view on how they respond to client.
  4. Price: check their website to see the price details and their offer and compared it with another hosting provider.
  5. Ask someone: If you know of someone try asking his or her opinion on their services.


If you are looking for a good web hosting company both in Nigeria and Outside Nigeria. Get in-torch with us we can help you.

Why you should not go for cheap domains or hosting but go for Quality service

  • The hosting services are likely going to be unsatisfied especial when the website start building traffic and having more content.
  • A domain or hosting may be offered cheap on the first year of purchase but after that the hosting company will high-jack the amount.
  • Security: the server may not be 100% secured.
  • Malware: if it is a shared server it has 90% of been attacked by virus.
  • Speed: the server may take long to open a web page, as such the speed of the the web server may affect the SEO of your website 

Webs Hosting Plans/Packages

Web hosting plans or packages

Here are the list of Web Hosting company in Nigeria and there contact details

If you have engaged with any of these companies mentioned above, please share your experience (good or bad) on the comment box below. Thanks.

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