Our IT services are top-notched

Okeysima Technologies (Best Info Tech Services) is an IT company that renders IT services such as social media marketing/training, web design, computer hardware repair, content writing, Microsoft 365 training, etc. services in Nigeria.

At the same time is a content writing company, with a proven professional track record of excellent results.

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What we Do

We provide these services to small businesses, individuals, companies, schools, churches, hospitals, and Corporate Organizations.

Microsoft Administrator Training

We train new IT professionals with at least a year of experience in Azure services, office 365, also experienced Azure administrators looking to validate their Microsoft skills.

Web Design, Redesign & Maintenance

We design, redesign, and manage any given type of website such as e-commerce, business, church, blog, school, real estate, etc for a better result using a newer system of technology such as PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, CMS like WordPress, etc.

Social Media Marketing/Training

We help businesses, individuals, eCommerce & organizations to bring their services and product to the right people who need them through the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, etc.

Laptop and Desktop Repair

We repair all types of laptops and desktop irrespective of the brand name.

Laptop Sales

We sell both Nigeria used and London used laptops at affordable prices.

Content Writing & SEO

We write SEO content for any niche that meets the client Objective.

Computer hardware Training

We run 3 months, 6 months to 1-year program on computer hardware repair and maintenance training to individuals, staff, corporate bodies, etc.

Mobile App Development

We develop and monetize all types of mobile App be it Banking App, Logistic App, Uber App, School App, Security App, Financial App etc. And deploy it to the Google play store.

Being Microsoft certified will greatly give you an edge over others and also help you when it comes to getting a good job offer.

Check out >>> How can I become Microsoft 365 administrator certified.

Do you want to repair your laptop, or buy a new laptop in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria?

We offer quality services when it comes to computer repair, training, laptop sales, and maintenance, to an individual, companies, and corporate organizations. 

No matter what the system issues are, we are here to resolve them. 

Our Computer repair services are extraordinary

Get in touch with us today to know more about our offerings.

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Are you looking forward to designing, redesigning or maintaining your website?

We are one of the best website designers in Lagos Nigeria with exceptional web design services.

We build websites that are not only attractive but also mobile-friendly and well optimized for Search engines.

Or looking forward to having a professional business website?

We are here to work with you in developing a great website that is both user and googles-friendly.

Whatever your requirement is we are here to fulfill your aims and objectives. 

Our team of web designers, developers, programmers, and project management, works together and makes sure client business objectives are met.

We have help businesses, individuals, organizations, to create, maintain, and manages their online presence.

Our clients have in return commended our good work so far. You too can also be among the testifiers if you join us today.

Get Professional Blog, E-commerce or Business website that is Google-friendly

Web Design Nigeria - SEO, web maintenance service

Our web design project

We are currently handling the design, SEO, and web maintenance services of this site. Please do check it out for your references.

Why should i choose you for web design service?

  • Our web development teams possess the skill and expertise when it comes to using the latest web development technology and innovation.
  • We provide solutions to any kind of web-related challenge.
  • We create and design websites that accurately satisfy the specific needs of your organization or company.
  • Our web design and development services promise to be user-friendly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), fully functional, very secure, responsive, and able to meet your demand.
our web design project of aaecc.net
Website design project we did for Advance Architectural Engineering & Construction Company
client web design project - Samanate construction
Website design project we did for a Samanate construction
web design project of our client -olanhealthcare website
Web design project for a hospital: Olan Health Care Center in Nigeria

Let's Build & Manage Your Website For You And Take Your Business Forward...

Hire a Professional SEO Content Writer

Are you looking forward to engaging the service of a professional SEO content writer in Lagos Nigeria?

If yes, we are pleased to meet you. We have amazing writers with years of experience and proven works.

We write original content NOT copy and paste content many writers do.

Our writers are known to be:

  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • SEO writers
  • English writer
  • Time conscious

Our work speaks for us.

Clients Testimonies

I gave the system engineer my laptop to repair, to my greatest surprise he did amazing and professional work on it. Thanks, I really enjoy your services. I will definitely refer customers to you guys
Charles Isioma
When I draft out the design of my website, based on the things I want on the website, I communicated with the team that is in charge, they promise to do a good job for me. To my greatest surprise, they did an amazing job. Your website team members are indeed very experienced.
When I first contacted one of your team members, I don’t really know what kind of design my website should have, but after the design, I really love its look and simplicity. Thanks.
Kudos for the work well done!

Frequently Asked Questions on Web Design and Related Topics

Blogs are important for many reasons such as:

  1. It’s additional traffic coming to your site. when people find you not just by typing “plumber Manchester” for example but also by typing questions and problems they have related to your products or services.
    This helps to grow your popularity and trust. The reason, because you’re solving their issues and you’re giving it away for free!
  2. Another reason is that if you have a good content strategy planned which includes the buyer journey and is specific to who you are targeting then you can turn that traffic into paying customers.

    Whether you’re a plumber or founder of Nike – you should care about your “brand” and blogs (text and video format) help users paint a picture of you and your brand = TRUST

    Writing 2 high-quality posts per week with no blog marketing is a complete waste of time. If your SEO company tells you to write content or even if they write it, without a blog marketing strategy, you might want to find another SEO company.

First what type of blogging are you after?

After ascertaining the type of blog you want to venture into.

You may click here to learn how to start your own blog and make money blogging.

We always recommend Blue host when it comes to web hosting. They have amazing customer support flexible payment plans. Use this link to check out their services

We recommend Elementor page builder 100%. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. You may want to check out some of their packages with this link

Depends on the nature of your business. If you have a small business you may consider running it yourself. Otherwise, you can hire an expert.

Agencies will charge 15-25% of the spending budget, some may be higher or lower.

If you had made any changes after requesting a verification the code sent to you will no longer work.

You need to request another code.

Or hold on to the card you have and contact GMB support using this link: https://support.google.com/business/?hl=en#topic=4539639 and explain to them you got a card but the code doesn’t work, see if they’ll give you another method to verify.

If you have a website connect it to GSC (Google Search Console). Don’t make any changes if you have to request a new postcard. 

BlogSpot is the subdomain you Acquire after creating a blog (e.g name. BlogSpot. com) with blogger

Blogger is the platform where you create your blog for free.

Use Ocean WP or alternatively you can contact us we can offer our services to you at a very reasonable rate. Connect with us if you are interested

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Okeysima Technologies (Best Info Tech Services) is an I T service company, headquarter in Lagos Nigeria. We specialize in rendering professional I T (Information and Technology) services such as computer hardware training, Microsoft professional training, web design, laptop sales, content writing, SEO, Computer repair, social media marketing etc.

Working Hour

Monday :             8:30am —  5pm
Tuesday:              8:30am —  5pm
Wednesday:        8:30am — 5pm
Thursday:            8:30am —  5pm
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Our Corporate Address

No 8, Ola-Ayeni Street,
Computer Village,
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone Number: +234 (0) 90 1604 1006
Email: info@bestinfotechservices.com

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