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About AirTreks

AirTreks helps people and companies plan and purchase complex air travel, such as round the world trips and multi-stop international trip.

This job is for people who want a serious steady job with a great company but without the traditional office and work schedule. Everyone in our company works remotely as we have no office. We have over 40 people in 12 countries. For this position is 40 hours per week, most likely during the hours of 7am-4pm PST.

You work from a place of your choosing as long as it is quiet and has fast internet speeds. The compensation for this position varies based on experience, time zone, and other factors.


You enjoy helping others accomplish their goals, and are delightful to interact with. You’ll be the first person travelers talk with when they call, chat or email AirTreks. This position is for someone with a great attitude about supporting customers and has a passion for travel. Your enthusiasm and passion for helping travelers is more important than previous experience. Nevertheless, previous travel, airline or customer service experience is a plus. 

You must want to work collaboratively with a team of others. We have talented, thoughtful, hard-working colleagues and if you are too, you’ll fit right in.


After your 2-week orientation and training, you start meeting regularly with your team of colleagues who live in different countries around the world including the USA, Argentina, Italy, the Philippines and Romania. You have some very experienced people to learn from and support you in your work.

You log-in to your computer from wherever you are and work according to the schedule you agree to with the Scheduler. You use an internet phone as needed.

We care about our colleagues and customers with equal enthusiasm. Our customer satisfaction scores are very high, with an NPS rating over 70 usually. Our colleague happiness scores are very good. Across the company they have hovered around 8 out of 10 for many years.

We use the best tools we can get including Amadeus GDS, Frontapp, Aircall, Nicereply, G Suite, Sisense and our own custom-built CRM and ERP especially designed for multi-city travel support.

If you work full-time, you are treated like an owner. You share in profits and stock options. You also have generous time-off. You have other benefits that depend on your country of citizenship.

There is mobility within our company; two-thirds of us have moved to a different role than we started with or taken on considerably more responsibility.

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