QA Manual Tester


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Are you an expert at detecting differences between things you observe versus what you expect them to be? Do you love technology and learning new things? Are you really good at using writing to explain what you’ve seen?

If so, you’ll love our approach to software quality testing. Our QA Manual Testers are guided through test scripts that are clear and specific and enable them to focus on deciding when an application is meeting or failing our high quality standards.

Unlike most QA Testers that test the same application every day, our testers never get bored and are always challenged, using their skills to test over 100 products that our customer owns.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Execute test cases with high precision and detail, diligently checking each step and documenting differences

  • Follow a process that includes testing in two-hour “Deep Work Blocks”

  • Learn new software products regularly


Candidate Requirements:

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Strong Written and Verbal English Language Skills

  • A personality that is detail-oriented and committed to high quality work


Nice to have:

  • Professional experience testing enterprise or consumer software products

  • Technical experience with scripting languages and HTML


What you will be doing:

QA Testers execute tests against a wide variety of software applications to ensure that recent code changes are working as expected and haven’t broken any existing functionality. They work from a prioritized list of tests to execute and complete several per hour.

Executing tests is assisted by a specialized tool that shows you exactly how to perform each test step and what to look for to make sure it succeeded. When testers find something that is broken they write clear notes to the developers describing the test failure and how to reproduce the problem.  


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