Email Marketing/Messenger Specialist (at Freeeup)


We are currently looking for an experienced E-Commerce Email Marketing Specialist to join our marketplace. We are looking for freelancers to help our clients in optimizing email marketing automation efforts from email acquisition lifecycles triggers winbacks and more.

Tasks And Responsibilities:

    • Revive a dormant list of thousands of customers via winback campaigns.
    • Help with email automation and auditing of all Klaviyo flows
    • Develop promotional calendar and content for weekly email blasts
    • Optimize for conversion rates, repeat purchase rates with segmentation and optimizing the customer funnel
    • Manage the deliverability and ESP inboxing monitoring and optimization
    • Facebook Messenger proficiency and replicating flows via Messenger (ManyChat and/or Octane fluency)
    • Continually managing testing and optimizing all lifecycles triggers and promotions to maximize open rates click through rates conversion rates AOV and RPV while minimizing list churn.

Who We Are Looking For:

    • Awesome copywriting skills
    • Google Analytics Advanced expertise (building custom events goal funnels attribution)
    • Shopify, Adobe Photoshop, and HTML/CSS experience
    • Experiences in optimizing email marketing.
    • Must have very strong competency in Klavoyo and copywriting for a female audience.
    • With experience with Facebook Messenger is a plus.

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