E-Commerce Sales Specialist ( at Freeeup )


Freeeup is looking for an eCommerce Specialist to add to its network. This position is responsible for managing sales, managing FBA inventory, marketing campaigns, SEO, setting up keywords and bids, analyzing sales data, creating sales reports, evaluating processes related to our eCommerce account. The ideal candidate should be proactive, creative and able to cost-efficiently drive traffic and increase the revenue, a professional with a successful sales track record.

Day-to-Day Functions:

  • Manage Online Sales Specialists in creating, revising, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing assigned listings.
  • Apply Sales and Marketing strategies.
  • Accurately price an item according to market trend.
  • Recommend new item revenue driver by constantly monitoring consumer needs and latest product innovation in online market.
  • able to analyze sales data, create sales reports and provide actionable marketing strategies;
  • able to monitor and review Amazon advertising campaigns and budgets, optimize campaigns to ensure they are continuously bringing quality traffic to our website, increase listing visibility and revenue;
  • able to investigate and track competing brands from online retail competitors, and adjust the price and promotion strategies timely;
  • able to drive traffic from the 3rd party online markets, create and manage product listings on multiple market places;
  • able to analyze most important keywords and rankings daily, test, track, and re-optimize the changes;
  • able to manage Amazon account daily, including: setting up new listings, modifying current listings, controlling FBA inventory, arranging on-time order fulfillments, monitoring pricing accurate, evaluating content performance, solving account related issues;
  • able to provide excellent customer services, including: answer customer’s questions properly, solve return and exchange issues, improve customer’s satisfactions and increase customer’s positive reviews;
  • work closely with marketing team, recommend creative solutions, optimize listings, increase sales revenue;


  • EXPERIENCE in Online/eCommerce Sales is a huge advantage ie Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, NewEgg, HomeDepot, Target, Bestbuy
  • Familiar in Digital Marketing ie Content/Reviews/Inventory/Pricing/Ranking
  • Internet Tech-Savvy individuals
  • Above-average skills in Microsoft (Excel and Outlook)

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Full time


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