Data Analyst (At Mixmax)


We’re looking to hire our first data analyst to lay the foundation for all aspects of Mixmax’s data-driven problem solving and decision making. You’ll be a key communicator, working both cross-functionally in our San Francisco office and across our distributed organization.

Mixmax integrates with your company’s existing toolchain – email, calendar, chat, CRM, and more – to bring all information into one place. This means we’re syncing, storing, & indexing hundreds of millions of events a day into our system, and then building blazing fast APIs and rich integrations to delight users.

As a Data Analyst, you’ll help start a team specifically focused on ensuring the company is making informed decisions across the entire organization. This means building rapport with each function to serve as an analytical partner for their most complex problems. Making sure analyses are accurate, repeatable, and actionable in addition to working to democratize data for your colleagues. 

At Mixmax, we know nobody’s perfect. But sometimes, our confidence can rob of us from applying for a role. No candidate will ever 100% match a job description and that’s okay—we’re human after all. 

Diversity and inclusion are core to our culture, and we’re actively committed to building a more inclusive and open workplace. No matter your background or how you identify, if you’d be jazzed to do this role daily, then please apply today!


As our first data analyst, you’ll:

  • Partner throughout the organization to empower each function to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Work closely with Data Engineering to ensure that our schema is streamlined for actionable analysis.
  • Extract actionable insights through analyzing large, complex, multi-dimensional customer behavior datasets
  • Translate complex concepts into implications for the business via superb communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Understand what matters most and prioritize vigilantly
  • Sample projects include:
    • Product – What is our most viral feature?
    • Sales – Who is the ideal customer for each of our sales channels?
    • Marketing – What is the value of a free user?
    • Support – How does Support interactions affect lifetime value?
    • CSM – When is a customer a churn risk? When is there an expansion opportunity?

Requirements and skills you possess:

  • 4+ years of work experience in analytics/data science or a directly related field – some of which should be in a technology environment 
  • A proven track record of initiating and delivering actionable analyses/recommendations in order to drive business impact 
  • An understanding of SaaS business models and key metrics 
  • Some experience building data science models to provide deeper insights 
  • Excellent communication skills (technical and non-technical) and comfort working with high-level stakeholders 
  • Ability to work autonomously in a dynamic environment 
  • Excellent SQL skills, fluency with BI/visualization tools, and deep knowledge of Excel, R, Python, or other analysis tools 
  • Strong critical reasoning skills, including an understanding of common pitfalls of data analysis
  • Have worked remotely before for at least 1 year

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