Job Vacancy: Blood Donor Recruiter position


Thank you for your interest in TeleRecruitment Specialists.

Since our inception in April of 2004, our focus has been on providing clients customer-contact support in industries ranging from healthcare and home improvement to business technology/services and real estate.

We are looking for experienced individuals who possess:

2+ years of Sales and/or Customer Service experience. 1+ years of Telephone or Call Center experience. Proven sales/customer service/recruitment skills An ability to overcome objections. The ability to meet/exceed performance benchmarks. Experience working online using multiple browser tabs and computer applications. Have a private, quiet place to work. Have hard-wired high-speed internet (no satellite) with an open Ethernet port.

Position Requirements:

Must work evening shifts Mon-Thurs. 5:30pm to 8pm CST. Must be able to work a split shift (9 AM-12 PM & 5:30 PM-8 PM CST) Mon-Thurs on a consistent basis. Shift assignments can vary depending on time zone and Client needs. Possible Saturday shift available from 9 AM-12 PM CST.Must be able to work a minimum of 25 hours a week. If seeking full-time hours, must be able to work part-time hours initially (first 2-3 months). The ability to work up to full-time hours is available based upon Contractor performance & preferences. Pay rate of $12.50 – $15/hour (based on experience)

How to apply:

click here to apply


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